At “Yours to Keep” we make beautiful boxes in which to keep your special treasures; life’s memorable moments kept safely in a unique box. If you need an unusual thoughtful gift, that can be personalised, for your loved ones, we have endless possibilities. Or perhaps you would like to say a heartfelt important message to someone; you can write it on a set of boxes as a momentous romantic gesture.

Society has a fascination and love of beautiful boxes; let us help you convey a gift or message to someone you love, that makes it especially theirs, or yours to keep.

We can also make bespoke boxes for companies with logo or strap line to deliver your message in an unforgettable way. Perfect for pitching new products, for getting noticed, for a top class corporate image.

All our products are handmade in England, in our workshop on our farm in Devon. Each item is made from our specially milled board that protects and preserves any item kept inside, and prevents it from yellowing. Our board is 100% recycled promoting an environmentally friendly artistic product, created and handmade in England.

Handmade in England

Our products do not cost the earth!

Our Story

“Yours to Keep” has been set up by James Teague and Giselle Hulme as a sister company to The Empty Box Company (Established 1988). There are so many things that can be created with boxes! This is the personalised gift part of our box making world inspired by; beautiful papers, the ability to make other handmade, environmentally friendly items to have around your home using our special board; a desire to conserve memorable items; and a “wow” way to send a message of love or importance to friends, partners and family.

We also have an old, stone, redundant barn on our farm that we are converting into a community space, to be used for holistic, helpful, inspirational courses, weekends and gatherings. The charity, The Chapel Barn Trust, needs to raise the money for the conversion and to fund courses. We are hoping that with your help “Yours to Keep” will do this, and all the profit from this website will go to fund this important community project.

“Yours to Keep” thinks inside, and outside the box! Send a personalised message of love, as a gift in which to keep life’s special treasures.